WISeKey CertifyID Managed PKI
Updated Aug. 6 2020

WISeKey Managed PKI services integrate with Venafi automation services to manage efficiently all the corporate certificate inventory.
Business Outcomes
  • Gain full visibility into the demand, usage and workflow of certificate services

  • Enforce policies and reduce risk with automated workflow and detailed logging

  • Achieve compliance for workflow approvals, authorization and authentication

Integration Features
  • Seamless and transparent integration allows automation of certificate lifecycle management

  • WIS@Key Roots are recognized by all browsers and major operating systems

  • Additional workflow approvals can be inserted at any point of the issuance process

  • Automate provisioning of certificates issued through WISeKey

Solution Overview

Corporations using big number of SSL and other types of trusted certificates face the challenge to properly manage certificate expirations and key rotations. The integration of Venafi and WISeKey allows to our customers to automate the management of these certificates, reducing the security risks and possible downtimes provoked by uncontrolled certificate expiration.