Updated Oct. 9 2020
5 / 5 (3 reviews)

PowerShell module to access the features of Venafi Trust Protection Platform REST API. Automate everything in your certificate world!
Business Outcomes
  • Increase adoption of secure machine identities with unlimited customization possibilities

  • Prevent outages by automating machine identities throughout the orgranization

Integration Features
  • Automate everything from from the certificate renewal request to the provisioning to any custom application using PowerShell

  • Easy to configure and maintain with well-documented functions and examples

Solution Overview

VenafiTppPS is a PowerShell module created to access the automation and machine identity lifecycle features of Venafi Trust Protection Platform. The module interacts with TPP via the REST API. Combine the features of Trust Protection Platform with this module to automate everything in your certificate world!

Most recent reviews
A simple interface for TPP API's
5 / 5
Having this PowerShell module simplifies API integrations with TPP and reduces the code footprint in your scripts.
Fantastic solution, responsive developer
5 / 5
The Venafi TPP PowerShell module is the most effective way to get started quickly using the Venafi Platform API/WebSDK and PowerShell. The project aims to make easy some of the more complex operations (sometimes requiring multiple API calls) against the Venafi API by implementing some higher-functioning approaches to common operations. The developer has been incredibly responsive on issues that are submitted, is keeping this module up-to-date regularly, and is a rock-star member of the Venafi Community!
Makes writing custom integrations easy
5 / 5
If you're developing a custom integration using Venafi's API, then you should be using this! It makes doing basic stuff so much easier and allows you to concentrate on the more difficult problems of your integration. Also - support the new Venafi OAuth credential functionality!