Venafi SSH Utility
Updated Jan. 10 2022

The Venafi SSH Utility provides the ability to perform bulk operations and generate enhanced reports for Venafi's SSH Protect product.
Business Outcomes
  • Gain additional insights into SSH machine identities in use by the organization

  • Reduce time spent on SSH management by enabling extended bulk operations

Integration Features
  • Gain additional reporting not immediately available in the Venafi Platform user interface

  • Enable bulk operation functionality around SSH machine identities managed by Venafi

Solution Overview

Enhance the capabilities already offered by Venafi's world class SSH Protect product to make SSH key management even easier. When dealing with SSH keys it is not uncommon to have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of key instances to manage. In those cases, it is often advantageous to report on, and manipulate, key sets as part of a bulk operation. The Venafi SSH Utility provides a standalone tool which interacts with the Venafi Platform to provide detailed reporting on key sets -- even details not readily available in the Venafi Platform UI -- as well as perform bulk operations to add and remove keys. This utility can assist with actions such as compliance reporting, building a collection of a subset of keys, and performing operations on a collection of keys.