Venafi Secrets Engine for HashiCorp Vault
Updated Oct. 22 2020

The Venafi Secrets Engine for HashiCorp Vault implements a custom secrets engine for HashiCorp’s popular secrets management tool. It enables developers to use native Vault commands for requesting certificates while fully complying with corporate security and audit policies.
Business Outcomes
  • Achieve DevOps speed with simplified use of machine identities for DevOps

  • Enable CA agility so DevOps can access any certificate provider via HashiCorp Vault

  • Enforce security policy by ensuring all certificates are compliant with corporate security and audit policies

Integration Features
  • Works natively, so developers continue using Vault the way they normally would

  • Abstracts unnecessary details from certificate requests by utilizing policy defaults

Solution Overview

Security teams must know what to trust and what not to trust at all times to effectively protect machine identities in dynamic environments. As a result, smart policy enforcement must be automated and embedded into the tools used by application development teams. By shifting machine identity processes left into the pre-production phase and hooking directly into automated DevOps workflows, security teams can regain control over X.509 certificates in fully automated environments.

Together, Venafi and HashiCorp deliver the platforms that empower DevOps and security teams to be successful in this multi-cloud generation. Infrastructure and applications can be built, secured and connected safely and at the speed today’s DevOps teams expect. Application development teams no longer have to be concerned with the details of X.509 certificates when consuming a common service from the security team using Venafi. Security teams maintain smart policy enforcement so their compliance and threat protection responsibilities to the business and customers are always met.

As a common service across clouds, HashiCorp delivers consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. Venafi integrates with HashiCorp to protect machine identities by delivering visibility, intelligence and automation for X.509 certificates. Venafi also seamlessly makes available a rich ecosystem of more than 40 certificate authorities from within HashiCorp modules, making both private and public trust certificates easy to consume.


The Venafi Secrets Engine for Vault makes it easy and fast for DevOps teams to obtain X.509 certificates using the Machine Identity Protection service operated by the organization’s security team.

  • Provides native Vault PKI engine connected to 40-plus CAs
  • Delivers publicly trusted certificates without custom coding for CAs such as DigiCert, Entrust and GlobalSign
  • Eliminates complexity and errors by automating the certificate lifecycle Enforces security team policies within the native Vault workflow
  • Gives security teams centralized visibility and auditability 
  • Enables consistent multi-cloud operations