Venafi Provider for Pulumi
Updated Dec. 19 2021

Pulumi provides a modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform that helps engineering teams work better together and ship faster. As part of the Machine Identity Management Development Fund, Pulumi has built a Venafi Resource Provider that will enable engineering teams to manage certificates using Pulumi and Venafi.
Business Outcomes
  • Reduce risk with built-in secrets management

  • Accelerate your cloud deployments

Integration Features
  • Works with your favorite programming languages, source management systems and IDEs

  • Enables unit testing, integration testing and policy enforcement for cloud infrastructure

  • Integrates with any cloud and over 70 SaaS products

Solution Overview

Cloud Engineering teams must help their organizations deliver value in the cloud quickly while maintaining the security of underlying cloud services that enable modern applications. 

As architectures grow increasingly complex, it can be hard to manage machine identities like TLS certificates across multiple clouds, SaaS solutions, and Kubernetes. 

With the Venafi Provider for Pulumi, teams can create and consume certificates on the Venafi Platform and Venafi as a Service alongside resources in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and 70 other SaaS platforms.

This ensures that every new deployment or infrastructure update can establish trust relationships correctly and replace expired certificates on demand.