Venafi CodeSign Protect Plugin for Jenkins
Updated Nov. 23 2021

Fullstaq, who are specialists in the field of Open Source, DevOps, Cloud Native and high-traffic webhosting, have developed a Jenkins integration, which enables Venafi customers to use a ‘Jenkins CI plugin’ package that easily integrates Venafi CodeSign Protect with Jenkins CI managed pipelines in a standard way.
Business Outcomes
  • Give security teams comprehensive visibility and detailed intelligence to track all code signing activities

  • Provide Application and Operation teams the ability to consume machine identities quickly and automatically inside Jenkins CI managed pipelines

Integration Features
  • Fully automate machine identity issuance and provisioning in development pipelines

  • Easily sign and verify files through Venafi CodeSign Protect

Solution Overview

Organizations protect software with the help of code signing. Code signing ensures that software receives a digital signature which guarantees the identity of the author and the integrity of the code. Hackers are now targeting the theft or misuse of code signing keys so they can use them to sign their malware.

As organizations increase the frequency of code releases, developers are often responsible for signing their own code. Security policies are not always followed due to a lack of time or because developers don’t understand the severity of the problem. Personal encryption keys and digital certificates are then stored on different servers, on personal laptops or desktops, somewhere in the cloud and other locations. In other words: an inscrutable and unsafe labyrinth of encryption keys, often referred to as key sprawl. Venafi CodeSign Protect solves this problem. 

Almost every enterprise is practicing DevOps and improving their delivery processes for their business. Jenkins from Cloudbees is the de facto standard and most widely adopted CI automation platform for building software. Now Venafi CodeSign Protect is a closely integrated service in the software development tool chain to enable DevOps to go fast with Jenkins.