Venafi-Chef Infra

Indellient, a custom DevOps software developer and Chef expert, will use the Fund to build a deep, consistent integration between the Venafi Platform and the Chef ecosystem, including Chef Infra.
Business Outcomes
  • Give Security teams the visibility and intelligence they need to ensure applications are protected with secure machine identities

  • Provide Application and Operation teams the ability to consume machine identities, automatically, inside the tools they’re already using every day

Integration Features
  • Fully automate machine identity issuance and provisioning in development pipelines

  • Enable crypto-agility through Venafi's native and partner-built integrations

Solution Overview

Indellient, a leading IT services and consulting company with a specialization in DevOps, has used the Machine Identity Protection Fund to build an integration between the Venafi Platform and Chef Infra. Indellient has enabled Venafi customer to use a Venafi-Chef Infra Helper cookbook to easily integrate Venafi with existing Chef Infra environments in a standard way.