Venafi-Chef Habitat Helper
Updated Sep. 11 2020

This Indellient-developed Chef Habitat package retrieves and automatically renews certificates provisioned and managed by the Venafi Platform. When bound to another Habitat service, it creates a reliable method of securing machine identities across your Chef Habitat-managed applications, according to the application’s needs. This is critical to preventing certificate-related downtime and outages.
Business Outcomes
  • Give security teams the visibility and intelligence they need to ensure applications are protected with secure machine identities

  • Provide Application and Operation teams the ability to consume machine identities automatically, inside the tools they’re already using every day

Integration Features
  • Create and renew machine identities for any Chef Habitat-managed application with a single Chef Habitat package

  • Fully automate machine identity issuance and provisioning in development pipelines

  • Enable crypto-agility through Venafi's native and partner-built CA integrations

Solution Overview

Today, organizations struggle with the multi-vendor integrations required to achieve full end-to-end application automation solutions. Different teams within the organization find partial solutions in tools and processes, but without full integration the solution falls short. There isn’t an across-the-board solution that brings Application Development, Operations, and Security teams onto the same page, until now.

This integration from Indellient enables Venafi customers to use a Venafi-Chef Habitat Helper package to easily integrate Venafi with existing Chef Habitat ready applications in a standard way.

The Venafi-Chef Habitat relies on the existing VCert CLI to connect with the Venafi Platform and is compatible with both the Venafi Trust Protection Platform and Venafi Cloud. The open source repository also provides sample application packages (Apache, Tomcat and NGINX) that provide functional examples of this pattern.