Thycotic Adaptable Credentials
Updated Oct. 11 2021

Venafi customers leveraging Thycotic Secret Store for secret storage need services like Venafi to have access to those secrets. This integration uses the Adaptable Credentials framework to connect the Trust Protection Platform with Thycotic Secret Store.
Business Outcomes
  • Enables teams to work together effortlessly

  • Enhances security posture since secrets are only persisted in Secrets Store

Integration Features
  • No changes required for Thycotic Secrets Store

  • Prevents outages by ensuring Venafi always has access to the most recent credentials

Solution Overview

Adaptable Credentials automate the retrieval of secrets from third-party password vaults, such as Thycotic Secrets Store, without compromising the security of your secrets.

Use this script with the Venafi Adaptable Credential driver to automate the retrieval of credentials (secrets) from Thycotic's secrets store.