The SSL Store Venafi Driver
Updated Aug. 26 2020

A partnership between The SSL Store and Venafi helps bring you secure certificate authority and managed PKI.
Business Outcomes
  • Gain real-time visibility of certificate configurations, locations and use across your entire enterprise

  • Enjoy lower pricing while reducing labor and operational expenses

  • Automatically identify and correct vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, expiring certificates, network weaknesses and CA errors

  • Leverage our insider access and executive-level partnerships with the world’s most trusted CAs to jump to the top of the queue

Integration Features
  • Discover, automate and monitor your entire SSL network

  • View internal and external certificates from all CAs

  • Automate certificate replacement and key rotation to prevent outages

  • Enable bulk certificate remediation and quick response with automation in the case of a breach

Solution Overview

Gain an Unbiased Advocate!  The SSL Store™ is focused on helping you achieve your goals, regardless of the CA brand you choose. We’re your advocate to resolve any vulnerabilities, meet new requirements, navigate change and help you avoid costly mistakes.  As a leader in web-security, The SSL Store is the first ever SSL reseller to partner with the Venafi Trust Protection Platform to bring automated SSL encryption to enterprises. Venafi’s secure communication platform, powered by The SSL Store driver, gives enterprises the ability to automatically update and replace weak or fraudulent keys and certificates to avoid unplanned security outages at a fraction of the cost of a traditional MPKI platform.