Swimlane SOAR Platform
Updated May. 14 2021

This API integration from Swimlane and Venafi provides users with the ability to respond to machine identity alerts using automated workflows and can be customized to fit any environment.
Business Outcomes
  • Reduce the average amount of time spent to investigate and remediate machine identity alerts

  • Quickly reduce risk across your machines and recover from breaches at machine speed using automated workflows

  • Automate actions to cut down on alert fatigue and free up analysts to work on other items

Integration Features
  • Ability to renew, request, search, validate, or dissociate certificates

  • Get SSH Critical Alerts and Policy Violations, or search for SSH key details

  • Ingest data on members, memberships, identity attributes, or identity details into Swimlane for use in automated workflows and playbooks

Solution Overview

As technology has advanced, many businesses are finding it hard to manage or track all of the different computers and endpoints they have deployed. Many of these companies have seen great advancement in their industry through computers and software, but with these advances has come a new burden on staff. Issues like keeping devices up to date, protecting them from bad actors, monitoring their use, and decommissioning them when no longer needed all demand time from Security teams to review and manage. As more and more companies struggle to find the people needed for security teams, these issues around machine identity are often being put off, forgotten or delayed. 

Swimlane is a leader in the Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) space and has created a solution that allows organizations to connect disparate security tools for automated use. The goal or outcomes behind this is to make work in security less monotonous, provide teams with the ability to respond at machine speed, and to free up time for work on other issues. 

By integrating with Venafi, Swimlane can bring automation capabilities to machine identity management. This integration permits Swimlane to ingest alerts and findings from Venafi into Swimlane producing one centralized location for easy management.  This gives analysts access to all relevant case data from across integrated products right at their fingertips. From there, users can review the findings and take action using an automated workflow to remediate. Security teams will also be able to rotate TLS, SSH, and code signing machine identities from within Swimlane. By combining the power of Venafi Trust Protection Platform and Swimlane’s SOAR platform, users will be able to save time, respond at machine speeds, and ensure their machines are always ready for the next task.