Updated Jul. 19 2021

ShuttleOps offers automated release orchestration with machine identity management through Venafi. The functionality allows ShuttleOps users to issue, manage and renew machine identities from within the deploy pipeline.
Business Outcomes
  • Reduce friction in the application release lifecycle by adopting security policies early in the release process

  • Provide visibility and auditability into security posture and mitigate risks while maintaining velocity

Integration Features
  • Connect to existing Venafi installation and access security artifacts when building deployment pipelines

  • Consume policy enforced certificates at the time of application deployment

Solution Overview

For fast moving teams with limited resources, security compliance often takes a back seat.  This friction between development, operations and security teams leads to operational inefficiencies, as lack of centralized management of security artifacts leads to proliferation of unmanaged keys and certificates - increasing the risk of downtime.

Venafi and ShuttleOps have partnered together to offer machine identity management as part of application release orchestration. Using the ShuttleOps platform, users can now link their Venafi account, register, request, fetch and bind certificates. They’re also able to automatically trigger renewal requests based on user-defined presets, and monitor certificate renewal expiry.  The integration allows you to extend machine identity access to applications using the ShuttleOps no-code, drag-and-drop approach to application deployment. ShuttleOps integrates with the Venafi’s Trust Protection Platform for self-hosted implementations and Venafi’s DevOpsACCELERATE product for public cloud implementations.