BMC AMI Enterprise Connector for IBM Z Mainframe
Updated Jan. 11 2022

The BMC AMI Enterprise Connector connects modern, enterprise solutions with IBM mainframe systems. No need for one-off, rickety integrations. Together with Venafi, Enterprise Connector delivers a proven and scalable way to automate machine identity management on IBM Z.
Business Outcomes
  • Reduce cost spent on round-the-clock human management of mainframe systems

  • Eliminate errors and risk on the most precious business assets

Integration Features
  • Drives provisioning of keys and certificates on IBM mainframes

  • Works across a secure and encrypted REST API

  • Single gateway into mainframe estate

  • Customizable to meet site specific security policies and practices

Solution Overview

BMC AMI Enterprise Connector enables IBM mainframe systems to be easily integrated with enterprise solutions by providing an easy interface to mainframe architectures, standards, and security policies. By making this interface secure, auditable, and fully customizable to meet site specific requirements, the obstacles typically preventing the mainframes from participating in enterprise-wide solutions can be quickly overcome.  

With Venafi and Enterprise Connector, organizations can skip costly and complex build-it-yourself efforts and deploy machine identity management from Venafi to RACF on IBM Z mainframes.