Red Hat OpenShift
Updated Jan. 7 2021

The Venafi Provider allows the certificate operator to plug into a Venafi server so Venafi can store the certificates.
Business Outcomes
  • Eliminate hassle and inherent risks associated with manually requesting and installing certificates

  • Automatically comply with corporate security policies defined by information security teams

Integration Features
  • Fully automate the certificate issuance process for developers using Red Hat OpenShift

  • Enable crypto-agility through Venafi's native and partner-built CA integrations

Solution Overview

Red Hat OpenShift offers a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications. Benefit from streamlined platform installation and upgrades from one of the enterprise Kubernetes leaders.  DevOps teams can use certificates configured in the Venafi Platform so security teams can consistently enforce machine identity policies. The integration adds support that allows Venafi to validate and audit the current state of TLS certificates at the speed DevOps teams require.