Pulumi CrossGuard for cert-manager
Updated Nov. 12 2020

With support from the Machine Identity Management Development Fund, Pulumi, whose modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform enables teams to work better together and ship faster, is adding cert-manager to their CrossGuard Policy as a Code offering.
Solution Overview

CrossGuard is Pulumi’s new Policy as Code offering. CrossGuard empowers you to set guardrails to enforce compliance for resources so developers within an organization can provision their own infrastructure while sticking to best practices and security compliance. Using Policy as Code, you can write flexible business or security policies. When policies are executed as part of a Pulumi deployment, any violation will gate or block that update from proceeding.   

Pulumi is adding cert-manager to CrossGuard to manage the install of cert-manager on Kubernetes. Now you can define cert-manager use ahead of time and make it easy to get consistent use across deployments. And you can define policy in languages you know like TypeScript, JavaScript, and OPA, which is coming soon.