Oracle HTTP Server Adaptable Driver
Updated Aug. 2 2021
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With Oracle HTTP Server managing the frontlines of application availability, human oversight could have a catastrophic impact on availability and promised SLA. This machine identity management solution automates typical lifecycle events for Oracle HTTP Server.
Business Outcomes
  • Automate OHS machine identity lifecycle

  • Eradicate catastrophic application availability from human oversight

Integration Features
  • Create, renew, deploy, maintain certificates in automated fashion

  • Perform onboard discovery natively built out-of-box

Solution Overview

Throughout the Global 5000, Oracle applications have formed a core part of the operating infrastructure.  Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) and Oracle Fusion Middleware (Fusion) are commonly used web application and API service products in Oracle deployments. However, there hasn’t been a way for security and operations teams to understand the machine identities - TLS certificates - in use, and no way to automate the machine identity lifecycle. 

With sponsorship from the Machine Identity Management Development Fund, SamaraTech, an Oracle Solution and IT consultant, has developed an adaptable driver Oracle HTTP Server to automate TLS machine identities. This integration will help security and operations teams discover machine identities in Oracle Wallet, generate requests for TLS machine identities, and install and renew TLS machine identities and CA chains. 


The solution handles typical machine identity management activities for Oracle HTTP Server. It starts with scanning the server(s) to identify existing installations and/or versions of Oracle HTTP Server. Next, it generates CSRs for those servers, then procures and implements the approved certificates. It maintains an inventory of these certificates with their validating information in its own Venafi Platform inventory and triggers the renewal events as applicable. This adaptable application driver is also designed to include onboard discovery among multiple of VMs, if required, to further streamline the automation process. The solution also handles the decommissioning process when a copy of OHS gets uninstalled from one of those servers.

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