Nous nCert (ServiceNow)
Updated Aug. 2 2021

Powered by Venafi, nCert provides a machine identity management solution for ServiceNow customers that increases organizational efficiency through the automation of digital certificate lifecycle.
Business Outcomes
  • Completely integrated with ServiceNow platform to offer a seamless user experience and improved operational efficiencies 

  • Respond easily to audits with integrated reports and dashboards

Integration Features
  • Create, renew and download certificates through a simplified machine identity orchestration process

  • Manage the certificates inventory through ServiceNow platform

Solution Overview

Many IT professionals struggle to automate the lifecycle of keys and certificates that serve as machine identities. Without automation, organizations can introduce manual errors in certificate requests and lack crucial information on where these critical security assets are installed. In addition, many organizations don’t know who controls access to each system where a machine identity is installed. These issues can lead to costly outages, affecting the reliability and availability of critical servers. 

nCert, developed by Nous Infosystems for the Venafi Platform, allows users to request a new certificate or renew, revoke or retire an existing certificate, all without leaving the ServiceNow user interface.  All keys and certificates generated from nCert remain compliant and audit-ready.