NGINX Ingress Controller
Updated Apr. 15 2021

As organizations are building new or 'next generation' infrastructures using containers, microservices, and modern technologies, the role and importance of machine identities (X.509 certificates) within organizations has become critical. With Kubernetes becoming the most pervasive 'Control Plane' for deploying and orchestrating containers, Venafi & NGINX help secure, strengthen, and scale Kubernetes apps for both developers and Information Security teams within this environment.
Business Outcomes
  • Ensure Kubernetes resources adhear to company security policy

  • Enable rapid scaling of machine identity usage in Kubernetes, greatly increasing security of container workloads

Integration Features
  • Configure Kubernetes clusters and automatically secure with a TLS certificate using pre-defined policies on the Venafi Platform

  • Automate TLS lifecycles for Kubernetes workloads with cert-manager and NGINX Ingress Controller

Solution Overview

As enterprises shift to new highly automated, often ephemeral, container and micro-service based infrastructures and applications within zero trust networks, the ability to assert identity, establish trust and subsequently enable secure communications between all of the actors and containers within 'new compute' environments has never been more important. 


The NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes combines the trusted NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus software load balancers with automated configuration to ensure that applications in your Kubernetes cluster are delivered reliably, securely, and at high velocity.


By integrating with the Venafi Platform and cert-manager, enterprises can now automate and secure the life cycle of TLS certificates on NGINX Ingress Controller using pre-defined policies with custom resource definitions within Kubernetes.