Nexus Group PKI
Updated Apr. 7 2021

Venafi and Nexus are industry-leading innovators uniquely positioned to bring order to PKI chaos for the world’s largest organizations. Together, Venafi and Nexus simplify and automate PKI-based security solutions at any scale, so our customers can focus on growing their business.
Business Outcomes
  • Consolidate or migrate your old PKIs into one central control

  • Automate the full certificate lifecycle from issuance to revocation

  • Gain full visibility into the demand, usage and workflow of certificate services 

Integration Features
  • Single platform security that detects and supports multiple CAs 

  • Supports full lifecycle from request, issuance and renewal to revocation

  • Enables complete process for configurable workflow approval and authorization

Solution Overview

Public key infrastructure (PKI) has proven to be the most cost-effective and secure way of implementing security solutions for authentication, digital signatures and encryption.  At the heart of all PKI solutions is a certificate authority (CA) software, which issues and manages the certificates that ensure the trustworthiness of the digital identities.  Together with Venafi, Nexus offers customers PKI that is automated, and secure across the entire PKI certificate lifecycle, scaling to secure all customer keys and certificates.