Nous nCert (ServiceNow) for Venafi as a Service
Updated Jan. 20 2022

nCert Machine Identity Management fusing Venafi as a Service, developed by Nous, is a ServiceNow certified app that allows enterprises to track and manage the entire TLS certificate lifecycle from within the ServiceNow platform.
Business Outcomes
  • Provide self-service through machine identity management from ServiceNow

  • Eliminate errors and outages with consistent IT processes and policy enforcement

  • Gain important business context through linkages between business applications and owners

Integration Features
  • Single application integration with Venafi providing hooks to all ServiceNow modules 

  • Automatic deployment of machine identities using Venafi as a Service

  • Targeted discovery of machine identities through CMDB/CSDM integration 


Solution Overview

Enterprises need to have 360-degree visibility into their infrastructure's machine identity vulnerabilities to protect critical IT assets. Unplanned downtime and service outages can lead to an increase in the number of issues along with significant losses in revenue and potential customers. 

nCert Machine Identity Management using Venafi as a Service enables organizations to be secure by ensuring efficient protection of machine identities. Accessing Venafi through the ServiceNow catalog accelerates adoption and makes it easy for customers to offer machine identity management to all users regardless of training. 

nCert Machine Identity Management using Venafi as a Service provides visibility, intelligence, and automation for TLS certificate lifecycle management for ServiceNow customers. This on-demand, pay as you go, cloud-based solution removes the hassles of maintaining and updating systems and provides flexibility, reliability, and security, allowing enterprises to invest time, money, and resources into fulfilling core business strategies.