n8n Extendable Workflow Automation
Updated Jul. 19 2021

With support from the Machine Identity Management Development Fund, n8n, who deliver no code automation with visual design, is building fast, visual-based automation for machine identity management by seamlessly connecting Venafi to existing n8n integrations with most popular software and SaaS services that need machine identities.
Solution Overview

DevOps and engineering teams are moving fast to innovate, test, and deploy. The rapid speed of change requires organizations to grapple with a significant learning curve and effort to learn new tooling and integrate applications. All of this slows down delivery of new services and creates new complexity. On top of this, security teams don’t have a way to provide DevOps and engineering teams with security services that work in these new environments, creating new levels of friction. n8n solves these challenges with their no-code automation platform that makes it easy for DevOps and engineering teams to innovate and develop applications that connect standard security services like machine identity management.

This Machine Identity Management Development Fund project will provide an out-of-the-box Venafi integration with n8n to enable the procurement and inclusion of machine identities within n8n workflows. The project will also create additional nodes for typical certificate consumers/network endpoints such as NGINX, Apache, Amazon AWS, Cloudflare, and Akamai.