Microsoft Windows JKS Driver
Updated Jul. 26 2021

This integration from Difenda for Windows JKS is an adaptable application driver that allows you to deploy Java keystores to Windows based systems without installing Venafi agents on the Windows Server. Out of the box, the Venafi Platform only supports agent based deployment of Java keystores to Windows systems. This driver removes that dependency and is particularly advantageous for organizations that have challenges around deploying the Venafi agent.
Business Outcomes
  • Reduce human error and overhead associated with managing keystores for Java based applications on Windows 

  • Avoid costs and other overhead associated with deploying and maintaining agents on target servers

Integration Features
  • Agentless provisioning driver for machine identities in the JKS format targeting Windows

  • Eliminate the need to deploy Venafi agents or have an SSH server installed on the target Windows server 

Solution Overview

Organizations that have not deployed Venafi agents or have other dependencies and challenges to deploying agents are currently not able to use the Venafi Platform to deploy java keystores to Windows Servers. Venafi's JKS driver can only deploy java keystores to Windows systems that have Venafi Agents deployed.

This driver allows an organization to deploy java keystores on Windows servers seamlessly as they would deploy to a unix based platform. 

With this adaptable driver, an organization does not need to deploy Venafi agents or have an SSH server installed on the windows server.