Jetstack Secure
Updated Jul. 28 2021

Jetstack Secure is a cloud native machine identity management solution that provides visibility and control for enterprise platform and security teams, who each recognize the foundational importance of having a comprehensive, policy-driven approach to control and secure certificate management for both public-facing and private workloads in modern containerized environments.
Business Outcomes
  • Eliminate hassle and inherent risks associated with manually requesting and installing certificates

  • Stay secure and automatically comply with corporate security policies defined by information security teams

Integration Features
  • Built on top of cert-manager to enable visibility and control of certificates across public and private workloads using Kubernetes or OpenShift 

  • Integrated support for Venafi authentication, certificate requests, retrieval, renewal, revocation, certificate status and validation

Solution Overview

Adopting cloud native technologies for modern microservice architecture very quickly leads to a significant growth of mTLS and TLS certificates. This volume increase in certificate usage means enterprise platform teams require comprehensive, detailed visibility and management of all workload certificates across fleets of clusters. 

Jetstack’s flagship product, Jetstack Secure, provides machine identity management and comprehensive protection for cloud native platforms. Built for fast-paced Kubernetes and OpenShift environments, this product solution meets the need for high-level automation and best-practice security. Using Jetstack Secure allows the platform team to easily identify certificate misconfiguration and instantly remediate which minimises any risk of outage and improves the developer experience.