Intrinsic ID BK Software IP for IoT Security
Updated Aug. 2 2021

As digital transformation matures, preventing the misuse and compromise of machine identities becomes an issue of trust and protecting IP. To address the increasing concerns related to machine identities, Intrinsic ID has enabled the Venafi Platform and Intrinsic ID’s SRAM PUF based embedded IoT security software IP “BK”, to work together to automate the machine identity lifecycle for specific IoT operation systems.
Business Outcomes
  • Seamless integration with the BK embedded software IP to generate and protect a strong and unique cryptographic key pair

  • Expand automation and visibility of machine identities in the IoT space

Integration Features
  • Fully automate issuance and provisioning of machine identities to IoT devices

  • Enable crypto-agility through Venafi's native and partner-built CA integrations

Solution Overview

Intrinsic ID, the world’s leading digital authentication company, has used the Machine Identity Protection Development Fund to integrate the Venafi Platform with Intrinsic ID’s embedded IoT security software IP – BK. Intrinsic ID technology cryptographically ensures—down to the chip level—that only authorized IoT devices can get machine identities. Organizations deploying industrial and other high-risk IoT systems cannot ensure the authenticity of devices when entering services and throughout their lifecycle. If machine identities can be created or even updated, device authenticity remains elusive.  By integrating the Venafi Platform with the BK software IP digital certificate, Intrinsic ID has enabled Venafi customers to ensure device authenticity through acquisition, deployment and use.

Key points of this solution are:

  • Intrinsic ID’s SRAM Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology provides every IoT device with a strong and device-unique cryptographic key pair, which forms the basis of a device’s digital identity
  • The digital identity is established by having a trusted party generate a digital certificate based on the device’s unique public key
  • Certificate generation and management are efficiently controlled and scaled to large amounts of devices by leveraging the power of Venafi’s TLS Protect