GlobalSign Managed PKI
Updated Aug. 26 2020

Combining GlobalSign’s scalable PKI services with Venafi enables enterprises to expand encryption to all public and private business applications with robust visibility, automation, and reporting capabilities.
Business Outcomes
  • Automate certificate lifecycle to reduce number of man hours needed to manage certificates and monitor issuance to eliminate out of scope orders

  • Ensure all certificates meet enterprise policy and that only appropriate individuals have access to certificate resources

  • Meet the high volume certificate demands of DevOps teams, while ensuring all certificates come from a trusted CA and meet company policy

  • Centralize and monitor all certificate usage and activity to avoid unexpected expiration

Integration Features
  • GlobalSign offers a range of SSL options to ensure public servers and sites are in line with industry best practices

  • Works with the native GlobalSign API interface

  • Enables complete process for configurable workflow approval and authorization

Solution Overview

Encryption is no longer a nice to have, but has become a requirement for enterprise-wide applications. GlobalSign’s hosted PKI services and range of SSL products support all public and private encryption needs and scale to accommodate high volume demand. Integrating these services with Venafi’s visibility and automation platforms means enterprises can support all encryption needs while centralizing certificate activity, enforcing SSL/TLS policies, and simplifying lifecycle management.