F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager
Updated Aug. 2 2021
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This joint F5 and Venafi solution helps customers improve key and certificate security, performance and operational efficiency. F5 BIG-IP accelerates secure network applications, while Venafi automates the lifecycle of keys and certificates for BIG-IP devices, making it easy and secure to scale encryption everywhere.
Business Outcomes
  • Rapidly and reliably scale the safe use of encryption across physical, virtual and cloud environments

  • Eliminate blind spots and performance challenges commonly associated with encrypting and decrypting traffic

  • Strengthen existing layered security investments with better availability and utilization of encryption

Integration Features
  • Easily deploy, manage and protect applications that use SSL/TLS without hands-on responsibility for keys and certificates

  • Gain maximum visibility into SSL/TLS traffic and prevent attacks with continuous distribution of keys and certificates for inspection

  • Onboard-discovery provides a complete machine identity inventory from the start

Solution Overview

F5 and Venafi help customers scale the use of encryption by making it easy to automate the complete, secure key and certificate lifecycle without overburdening F5 administrators. For F5 BIG-IP, Venafi eliminates the need for manual setup and ongoing key and certificate maintenance for HTTPS. To help safely scale the use of SSL/TLS, Venafi has automated the complete lifecycle—from first setup to validation that ongoing key and certificate updates are successfully completed. With this highly automated approach, Venafi eliminates the potential impact of mistakes, poor security decisions and the risk of certificates expiring.

F5 BIG‑IP helps you deliver your applications to your users in a reliable, secure and optimized way. You get the extensibility and flexibility of application services with the programmability you need to manage your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. With BIG‑IP LTM, you have the power to simplify, automate and customize applications faster and more predictably


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