Entrust CA Gateway
Updated May. 14 2021
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By leveraging Entrust’s advanced APIs, the CA Gateway integration with the Venafi Platform enables organizations to automate the process for certificate issuance and manage the lifecycle of their public and private trust certificates.
Business Outcomes
  • Automate the full certificate lifecycle from issuance to revocation 

  • Gain full visibility into the demand, usage and workflow of certificate services 

  • Enforce policies and reduce risk with automated workflow and detailed logging

  • Achieve compliance for workflow approvals, authorization and authentication 

Integration Features
  • Supports full lifecycle from request, issuance and renewal to revocation 

  • Enables complete process for configurable workflow approval and authorization 

  • Powerful CA agnostic REST API used by the Venafi Platform available natively or directly

  • Single interface that talks to multiple CAs, and supports the whole partner ecosystem

Solution Overview

As companies increase their digital sophistication and expand their use cases, they rely on digital certificates to establish a higher level of trust, and secure people, systems, and devices. Entrust has a portfolio of solutions that can provide a complete trust environment, and certificate-based technology to help organizations establish trusted signature, encryption, and identity.

With industry leaders, Venafi and Entrust, the world’s largest organizations can bring order to machine identity chaos. Venafi’s visibility and automation protects machine identities that are integrated with trusted Entrust digital certificates. Venafi and Entrust are recognized for providing leading intelligence and expertise for complete machine identity protection and secure server environments—empowering customers to expand enterprise-wide digital trust across more business applications in more places with greater efficiency.

The Entrust CA Gateway integration enables the Venafi Platform to request, approve, issue and manage public and private trust certificates. 

Most recent reviews
Great idea, difficult to setup
3 / 5
Glad to see Entrust and Venafi working on a solution for Security Manager integration. CA Gateway setup is difficult, especially use of Docker. Look forward to easier setup from Entrust.