Difenda Machine Identity Management (ServiceNow)
Updated Aug. 2 2021
5 / 5 (1 review)

The Difenda Machine Identity Management for ServiceNow application enables organizations to leverage the Venafi Platform to automate certificate lifecycle management. Certificate owners gain efficiency by operating within familiar ServiceNow forms to request, approve and issue certificates.
Business Outcomes
  • Provide self-service machine identity orchestration from ServiceNow

  • Avoid duplicate, unnecessary  IT processes

  • Eliminate errors and outages with consistent IT processes and policy enforcement

  • Maintain a single repository of information for your organization

Integration Features
  • Request new machine identities from within ServiceNow

  • Automatically deploy machine identities using Venafi Trust Protection Platform

  • Revoke & retire machine identities from within ServiceNow

Solution Overview

Certificate and public key infrastructure management is complex and often not well understood. As a result, it is a responsibility that resides jointly within IT Infrastructure, Operations, and Security Operations. Automating the entire lifecycle of machine identities is critical, but many companies have struggled to integrate deployed Venafi infrastructures with their existing service management and ticketing systems.

The Difenda Machine Identity Management for ServiceNow application helps security professionals be optimally IT efficient as they ensure machine identities in their organization are protected. Plus, enterprises benefit from faster, easier and viral adoption of their Machine Identity Management programs.

Certificate owners need no additional training to benefit from easy access to the keys and certificates they need to do their job with the Difenda Machine Identity Management for ServiceNow application. And because the Venafi Platform policy and automation ensures application of each organization’s policies related to keys and certificates—such as expiry dates and installation locations—those keys and certificates are secure. The result is certificate lifecycle management that is intelligent and efficient and can be automated to reduce risk of human error. It’s also easy to use for standard machine identity tasks like notification of upcoming renewals or renewals themselves.

Most recent reviews
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5 / 5
The Machine Identity Protection App for ServiceNow does a terrific job to implement Certificate Lifecycle Management, to include defining processes, roles & responsibilities. This is a high-quality, enterprise-grade integration that creates massive efficiency gains. It may even be possible to use this offering to further integrate ServiceNow's Change Management module with Venafi's Machine Identity Management solution.