CodeSign Protect for KeyScaler
Updated Jan. 10 2022

Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform provides an automated solution to manage the lifecycle of updates that are delivered to an IoT device. By integrating and using Venafi CodeSign Protect, this solution prevents machine identity misuse and compromise by securing the code signing process throughout the update lifecycle.
Business Outcomes
  • Secure code signing and update delivery activities through consistent policy enforcement

  • Ensure security and validity of IoT device updates

Integration Features
  • Secure the code signing process seamlessly, eliminating the need for developers to manage this themselves 

  • Get started quickly by enabling developers to continue using the tools they're comfortable with

Solution Overview

Connected/IoT devices are only as valuable as the operating systems and applications that they execute. The firmware, operating system and application update processes are highly sensitive and can be a prime target for attack. Hackers have used these methods and systems from Microsoft, ASUS, and others to spread malware that is completely ‘trusted’ and can avoid Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV).

Today there are limited solutions available that deliver full end-to-end code signing and update delivery for IoT use cases, forcing organizations to design and build their own home-grown solutions to fulfill their requirements. Device Authority has solved these challenges by providing a turn-key code signing and update delivery solution with flexibility to integrate into any new or existing workflows. 

Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform provides an automated solution to provision unique certificates, signed by a pre-configured Certificate Authority, to IoT devices – without requiring any human intervention.