Cryptosense Analyzer Platform
Updated Jun. 17 2021

The Cryptosense Analyzer Platform gives users continuous visibility and control over the cryptography that they’re using in applications, in filesystems, in hardware and on the network. Combined with Venafi, customers can reconcile inventory discrepancies between platforms and add automated machine identity management to avoid high-profile certificate outages.
Solution Overview

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform includes a variety of tools for obtaining full visibility on all the cryptography used in an application, including certificates. This can be used both to find missing certificates, and to understand how the application gets access to them. However, currently, the reconciliation between certificates found by a Cryptosense Analyzer Platform scan and a Venafi inventory has to be done with hand-rolled workflows.   

This Development Fund project will enable Venafi and Cryptosense customers to perform this reconciliation in an automated way, using the Cryptosense Analyzer Platform web interface and the Venafi Rest API. Users will be able to determine whether certificates in a Cryptosense Analyzer Platform scan are already protected by Venafi, and submit missing certificates in order to give security teams the full picture of machine identities throughout the organization.