Crypto4A Secure PKI
Updated Mar. 3 2021

Crypto4A’s QxEdge platform provides a secure, quantum-ready PKI that is easily integrated into existing Venafi environments and provides a secure root of trust by using the built-in HSM.
Business Outcomes
  • Gain full visibility into the demand, usage and workflow of certificates

  • Enforce certificate policy and reduce risk with automated workflows and detailed logging

Integration Features
  • Inject workflow approvals into the issuance, renewal and revocations processes where it makes sense for your business

  • Automate provisioning of certificates issued using Crypto4A

Solution Overview

Crypto4A, a leader in quantum-ready cybersecurity solutions, has helped organizations achieve the highest possible entropy, most secure key storage and a post-quantum ready PKI. Until now organization have not been prepared for a post-quantum world where cryptographic systems, like machine identities, cannot be trusted. As a result of Machine Identity Management Development Fund sponsorship, Crypto4A’s quantum ready HSM, QxEdge supports a native integration to Venafi platform

Crypto4A is also integrated with the Venafi platform to provide a secure PKI, with a root of trust supplied by QxEdge itself.