Crypto4A QxEdge HSM

Crypto4A’s quantum ready Hardware Security Modules support the Venafi Platform, including central key generation using Venafi Advanced Key Protect.
Business Outcomes
  • Central management allows deployments to scale from the cloud to the edge without scaling the resources needed to manage them

  • Ensure consistent security of all cryptographic assets by protecting them with an HSM

Integration Features
  • Simple to develop, deploy, and manage security applications on a unified platform

  • Reduce latency between HSM and CA by utilizing Crypto4A's self-contained appliance

Solution Overview

Crypto4A, a leader in quantum-ready cybersecurity solutions, has helped organizations achieve the highest possible entropy and secure key storage and post-quantum ready PKI. Until now organization have not been prepared for a post-quantum world where cryptographic systems cannot be trusted, including machine identities. As a result of Machine Identity Protection Development Fund sponsorship, Crypto4A’s quantum ready HSMs, QxEdge support the Venafi platform, including central key generation.