Crypto4A QxEdge HSM
Updated Mar. 3 2021

Crypto4A’s quantum-ready Hardware Security Modules provide additional security to the Venafi Platform, by providing secure storage and generation of machine identities.
Business Outcomes
  • Central management allows deployments to scale from the cloud to the edge without scaling the resources needed to manage them

  • Ensure consistent security of all cryptographic assets by protecting them with an HSM

Integration Features
  • Simple to develop, deploy, and manage security applications on a unified platform

  • Reduce latency between HSM and CA by utilizing Crypto4A's self-contained appliance

  • Supports both Venafi master encryption key storage as well as Central Key Generation

Solution Overview

Crypto4A, a leader in quantum-ready cybersecurity solutions, has helped organizations achieve the highest possible entropy, most secure key storage and a post-quantum ready PKI. Until now organization have not been prepared for a post-quantum world where cryptographic systems, like machine identities, cannot be trusted. As a result of Machine Identity Management Development Fund sponsorship, Crypto4A’s quantum ready HSM, QxEdge supports a native integration to Venafi platform. This allows Venafi Trust Protection Platform the ability to utilize the HSM for secure key generation used in the creation of machine identities, as well as additional protections for the Venafi database.