Citrix ADM
Updated Mar. 25 2021

Citrix and Venafi offer an out-of-the-box, tightly integrated solution that enables Citrix ADM to automate and orchestrate keys and certificates to secure machine identities across ADCs and prevent certificate-related downtime and outages.
Business Outcomes
  • Accelerate innovation and increase scalability through tight access control

  • Streamline operations by avoiding bottlenecks

  • Increase security by properly identifying all machine identities

  • Prevent downtime and outages caused by expired certificates

Integration Features
  • Create, renew & revoke machine identities directly from the ADM interface

  • Fully automate certificate renewal and provisioning to ADM

Solution Overview

The creation or renewal of SSL certificates has been typically handled by a network admin who had to create a certificate signing request for the Public Key Infrastructure team. This team would then work with a certificate authority to get a certificate, which would then be installed on the ADC and finally bound to the application’s virtual servers. This process involved a number of steps, multiple teams, and offered less visibility into expiring or noncompliant certificates.

Citrix ADM streamlines the typically arduous process of implementing and maintaining SSL certificates in a number of ways and offers a centralized, intuitive dashboard for at-a-glance management of the entire SSL infrastructure. Citrix ADM makes it to create, install, monitor, and automatically renew SSL certificates across multiple Citrix ADC instances.

With Venafi integration from the Citrix ADM app dashboard, SSL certificate lifecycle management is streamlined and no longer demands the attention and time of various teams in the organization. Citrix ADM role-based dashboards allow application owners to monitor, create, renew, and bind SSL certificates for their applications through Venafi independently without involving network admins.