Chef Cookbook
Updated Apr. 3 2021

The Venafi Platform easily integrates into a new or existing Chef framework. A simple sample cookbook can be used by DevOps teams as a way to get started when using Venafi’s key and certificate services.
Business Outcomes
  • Eliminate hassle and inherent risks associated with manually requesting and installing certificates

  • Scales easily with Cookbook instance across any number of Chef nodes from a single master

  • Automatically comply with corporate security policies defined by information security teams

Integration Features
  • Examples require no coding, uses Chef recipe attribute files to define config options

  • Implemented fast native Chef recipes (chainable) for Venafi authentication, certificate requests, retrieval, renewal and revocation

  • Enables key and certificate operations on Chef nodes to be fully automated

Solution Overview

The Venafi Platform lets organizations realize the benefits of Fast IT without compromising security. Security teams can now centrally define policy through the Venafi API and enable DevOps to properly comply with security policies and best practices. Venafi makes it easy for DevOps teams using Chef to automate the procurement of X.509 machine identities. The Venafi-Chef integration consists of an example “cookbook” that can easily be adapted by Chef administrators, operators or developers. The cookbook can be used with the Venafi REST API to provision certificates from the Venafi Platform directly to Chef nodes, ensuring they comply with security policies.