Updated Aug. 4 2021
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Enabling organizations to modernize for speed and efficiency, cert-manager builds natively on top of the Kubernetes API and has become the de facto solution for issuing and renewing certificates from popular public and private certificate issuers.
Business Outcomes
  • Eliminate hassle and inherent risks associated with manually requesting and installing certificates

  • Stay secure and automatically comply with corporate security policies defined by information security teams

Integration Features
  • Fast automated build steps for Venafi authentication, certificate requests, retrieval, renewal, revocation, certificate status and validation

  • Enables key and certificate operations to be initiated directly from within Kubernetes or OpenShift environments

Solution Overview

Jetstack has made it easy for DevOps teams to use certificates that comply with Venafi policies so security teams can consistently enforce machine identities in Kubernetes clusters. The integration adds support that allows Venafi to validate and audit the current state of Kubernetes certificates – something that is impossible for a humans or traditional network scanners in ever-changing Kubernetes environments.

cert-manager makes it easy to automate certificate requests and renewals in Kubernetes environments by using VCert to connect to Venafi Trust Protection Platform or Venafi as a Service.

Most recent reviews
5 / 5
Quick, easy, and bulletproof integration with Venafi. Very well documented and simple to use!
Best In Class
5 / 5
Tried and true solution in the Kubernetes space. Venafi + Cert-Manager allows me to extend the functionality of various different CA's within Kubernetes with just one integration.
loved Jetstack before - great to see them here
5 / 5
New features in 1.0 like K8s CSR api makes cert-manager even better
The only way
5 / 5
If you're trying to get TLS working properly on your Kubernetes cluster, cert-manager is the way to get it done. I can't imagine managing Machine Identities any other way!