CA Auto-Approval Adaptable Workflow
Updated Nov. 10 2020

This is a Venafi Trust Protection Platform Adaptable Workflow PowerShell script to simplify the certificate request lifecycle by introducing logic for automatic approval based on CA template.
Business Outcomes
  • Enforces review of certificate requests that commonly have monetary costs associated during enrollment and renewals

  • Streamlines workflow process to automatically approve requests for internal/private certificates

Integration Features
  • Automate workflow stages using TPP Adaptable workflows

  • Facilitate certificate request lifecycles automatically

Solution Overview

The CAAutoApproval PowerShell script is used by an Adaptable Workflow object in Venafi Trust Protection Platform. The script evaluates the location of an X509 certificate object's CA template to determine if the residing parent policy folder DN matches the designated CA templates policy folder DN. If the parent policy folder and designated policy folder match, the workflow stage will be auto-approved during enrollment/renewal of a certificate request. If the CA template resides in any other policy folder, the workflow object will utilize the configured approval value.