Broadcom SSL Visibility Appliance
Updated Aug. 26 2020

Venafi and Broadcom (formerly Symantec) have partnered to bring greater security to Broadcom SSL Visibility Appliance.
Business Outcomes
  • Get started quickly with your existing key and certificate inventory 

  • Maximize inspection with full discovery of keys and certificates

  • Maintain inspection levels with fully automated lifecycle and key distribution

Integration Features
  • Onboard-discovery provides a complete machine identity inventory from the start

  • Increased performance of inspection with automated distribution of keys and certificates

  • Automated distribution of replacement keys when new keys are generated 

Solution Overview

The Broadcom SSL Visibility Appliance decrypts and inspects SSL/TLS traffic for threat analysis. The Venafi Trust Protection Platform provides high levels of automated key distribution that can reduce the burden of quickly distributing and maintaining the most current set of keys needed to prevent gaps in SSL traffic inspection.