Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway

APIIDA, a specialist in API, identity and access software solutions, is building a direct integration with the Venafi Platform and Broadcom Layer7 API Management (formally CA) for automation not previously available for Layer7 API Gateway customers.
Solution Overview

API gateways are important ingredients to Global 5000 DevOps, cloud, PSD2, and digital transformation strategies. API gateways use large numbers of machine identities -TLS keys and digital certificates - to establish trust and privacy. But API gateways, including Broadcom Layer 7 API Gateways, have not included machine identity protection to provide security teams the intelligence of how machine identities are being used. Nor have they provided network operations teams with the automation to eliminate time-consuming and error prone TLS certificate lifecycle functions. 

Venafi customers need a current, supported driver in order to integrate the Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway with machine identity protection. Now with this driver that supports automation, Venafi customers can achieve significantly reduced operational costs and risks.