Blue Prism Bots for Venafi Platform Workflows
Updated Nov. 10 2020

Reveal Group’s Blue Prism Solution Template enables certificate owners to automate their Certificate Workflows on the Venafi Trust Protection Platform.
Business Outcomes
  • Eliminate time spent updating certificates

  • Scale automation of the certificate lifecycle

Integration Features
  • Automates the updating of certificates based on Workflow Setup via API Calls

  • Flexible Solution Template that can be expanded and/or altered based on the use case

Solution Overview

As organizations use more machine identities, security teams must accelerate and use resources efficiently. This Blue Prism solution developed by Reveal Group provides users the ability to reduce their time spent on repetitive tasks and automate their certificate workflows on the Venafi Platform. The initial Blue Prism Solution Template provides an example means of actioning pending certificates on the Venafi Platform. Users can add additional components to this BP Template by utilizing the “Venafi Trust Protection Platform Web SDK” provided with the release package, along with accompanying documentation.