Azure DevOps Extension
Updated Apr. 14 2021

Venafi’s open source VCert provides a CLI for core security operations including key generation and certificate acquisition. Integrating VCert and Azure DevOps through this Machine Identity Management Development Fund project will greatly streamline and secure the application deployment process.
Solution Overview

Greg Brownstein is well known developer in the Venafi ecosystem.  In this Indie Devs project, he seeks to make Venafi VCert functionality available to Azure DevOps. DevOps processes -- specifically Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment -- are now an integral part of releasing any software project. Azure DevOps provides both Pipelines and Releases to fulfill this need.  These products provide the ability to extend their functionality.  

A standard Azure DevOps extension architecture will be used in this project.  The extension code will be stored in GitHub and deployed to the Azure Marketplace via Azure DevOps pipelines.  Customers will add the extension to their Azure DevOps instance via the Marketplace which can then be used in their build and release pipelines.  The extension will be compatible with both Venafi Trust Protection Platform and Venafi as a Service.