Atos HSM Trustway Proteccio
Updated Apr. 8 2021

Atos and Venafi enable customers to own and control machine identities throughout the organization -- facilitating compliance with data security regulations.
Business Outcomes
  • Eliminate risk of stolen cryptographic keys from file system memory

  • Ensure consistent use of strongest cryptographic keys

  • Facilitate compliance with data security regulations

Integration Features
  • Secure vault for storing cryptographic keys

  • End to end solution with a data-centric and preemptive security approach

  • Strong entropy for the True Random Number Generator

  • Common Criteria EAL4+, NATO Secret, EU Restricted, ANSSI, FIPS 140-2 Level 3

Solution Overview

Most private keys are stored in files on the systems they secure. This makes them susceptible to compromise. To prevent these risks, you can use HSM solutions to generate, store, and access keys within the safe confines of a security-hardened appliance. Using HSMs also helps you simplify compliance because auditors understand their security benefits. However, adding HSMs can also increase management complexity because they add a layer between your systems and your private keys. You can avoid this complexity by integrating machine identity automation into your HSM processes.

Trustway Proteccio HSM is a multi-user netHSM appliance allowing multiple cryptographic operations (encryption, signature, hashing, key and key pair generation, key wrapping, etc.). It ensures the security of the storage and of manipulation of cryptographic keys thanks to multiple security mechanisms and third-party security certifications. Integration with the Venafi Platform supports orchestration of hardware-based machine certificates across enterprises. Enabling customers to own and control keys that protect their machine identities and the data these collect, facilitates compliance with data security regulations.