Connector for Venafi & JSM
Updated Jul. 20 2021

Automate Venafi and Atlassian Jira workflows to provide your teams a self-service certificate management tool that ensures your machine identities stay secured. ServiceRocket’s Connector for Venafi & JSM (Jira Service Management) is a seamless integration solution that automates cross-functional certificate workflows to improve productivity, enhances security by enforcing compliance with security policies defined in Venafi, and minimizes certificate-related downtime and outages.
Business Outcomes
  • Reduce complexities by streamlining workflows

  • Increase productivity by enabling self-service certificate management

  • Improve security by enforcing compliance with policies defined in Venafi

  • Prevent downtime and outages caused by expired certificates

Integration Features
  • Automatically request TLS/SSL certificates

  • Automatically renew TLS/SSL certificate

  • Automatically revoke TLS/SSL certificate

Solution Overview

Automating the lifecycle of machine identities is critical. Unfortunately, companies often struggle to integrate Venafi with work management tools like Jira because the responsibility spans multiple departments, including InfoSec and DevOps. Until now, managing machine identity certificates required a lot of manual work and context switching between the two platforms.

The Connector for Venafi & JSM by ServiceRocket automates cross-functional TLS/SSL certificate workflow to improve productivity, reduce outages, minimize security risks by enforcing compliance with security policies defined in Venafi, and ensuring your organization’s machine identities are secured.