arkade by OpenFaaS
Updated Apr. 2 2021

arkade is a portable Kubernetes marketplace that works on any cloud or local Kubernetes cluster. Use it to find and install common DevOps tooling and CLIs.
Business Outcomes
  • Reduce operations by automating Machine Identity Management on Kubernetes

  • Reduce costs on training through easy to use apps

Integration Features
  • Create, renew and manage machine identities on Kubernetes

  • Streamline the integration of Venafi platform and Venafi as a Service to your local and cloud Kubernetes clusters

Solution Overview

arkade makes it easy for you to install over 40 Kubernetes apps and key DevOps CLIs. The arkade integration for Venafi brings a new command to install the Venafi TLS provisioners for cert-manager.

With just a few simple commands you can get Machine Identity through the Venafi Trust Protection Platform or Venafi as a Service solutions on any Kubernetes cluster.

The integration works out the box with the popular microservices and FaaS framework OpenFaaS along with enterprise-grade Ingress Controllers such as Kong and NGINX.