arkade by OpenFaaS
Updated Nov. 12 2020

With support from the Machine Identity Management Development Fund, OpenFaaS will add cert-manager to their open source project, arkade, speeding adoption of cert-manager with an easy, one-lime command for configuration.
Solution Overview

OpenFaaS Ltd is best known for the popular Serverless project OpenFaaS which brings Functions to Kubernetes. The team also supports arkade, an open source project focused on making Kubernetes more accessible and easier to use for developers and IT teams. Whilst the adoption of cert-manager has been rapid in cloud native deployments, users often lack the skills and knowledge needed to properly configure machine identity. This lack of expertise slows the adoption of cert-manager and makes it more difficult for security teams using Venafi to enforce enterprise policies. This project seeks to solve the problem by using arkade’s one-line commands to configure cert-manager with Venafi’s enterprise-ready machine identity solutions. The project will also add arkade apps for the Kong and NGINX-Plus IngressControllers.