Apache HTTP Server
Updated Aug. 26 2020
5 / 5 (1 review)

Avoid the headaches that come when sites, services and applications fail due to expired or misconfigured certificates. The Venafi and Apache HTTP Server integration keep machine identities available and your business available.
Business Outcomes
  • Prevent outages due to certificate misconfiguration or expiration

  • Gain visibility and intelligence around machine identities being used to protect applications

Integration Features
  • Automate everything from the certificate renewal request to the provisioning down to Apache Web Server

  • Onboard-discovery provides a complete machine identity inventory from the start

  • Validate certificate installations to ensure machine identites are being used properly and for their intended purpose

Solution Overview

When sites, services and applications fail due to expired or misconfigured certificates, these failures cause time-consuming, expensive and even job-threatening challenges. With Venafi, organizations can prevent these outages. The Venafi Trust Protection Platform Apache driver supports management of machine identities (PEM files, in this case) for Apache web servers running on Linux and Windows. And you can also provision the end-entity, chain, and as of Trust Protection Platform version 18.3, private key to a single file (rather than two or three separate files).

Most recent reviews
Quick and Easy over SSH
5 / 5
Simple way built into Venafi to push certificates, private keys, and their chains out to Apache web servers. I know I can restart the Apache service using command injection, but I wish that was just an option build into the integration to make it even easier.