Amazon AWS Application Load Balancing
Updated Jul. 20 2021

Amazon AWS makes it easy to build elastic applications in the cloud. Venafi makes it easy to scale and operate encrypted HTTPS for ALB operations teams.
Business Outcomes
  • Scale the use of HTTPS without difficult setup and maintenance 

  • Maintain infrastructure agility across clouds

  • Eliminate outages with continuous key and certificate updates 

  • Reduce the risk of security incidents stemming from improperly handled keys 

Integration Features
  • Secure and automated key and certificate distribution 

  • Fully automated issuance and renewal

  • Agility and control over keys after Amazon import 

  • Works with Amazon Certificate Manager 

Solution Overview

Amazon AWS Application Load Balancer is best suited for load balancing of HTTP and HTTPS traffic and provides advanced request routing targeted at the delivery of modern application architectures, including microservices and containers. Operating at the individual request level (Layer 7), Application Load Balancer routes traffic to targets within Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) based on the content of the request. Venafi works with Amazon Certificate Manager Secure, automating key and certificate distribution, making it easy to scale and operate encrypted HTTPS for cloud operations teams.