Akeyless Vault SaaS Platform
Updated Apr. 2 2021

Developers are increasingly opting for cloud-delivered services, but today’s SaaS-based secrets stores are mostly tied to a single cloud. This Machine Identity Management Development Fund project will integrate AKEYLESS with cert-manager, Venafi Trust Protection Platform and Venafi as a Service, giving Venafi customers the opportunity to use a SaaS-based secrets store across clouds.
Solution Overview

Akeyless Vault Platform for secrets management and zero-trust access is a unified SaaS solution built to protect workload identities, as well as secure access to production resources across hybrid cloud and legacy environments. DevOps, engineering, and IT teams are moving fast to deploy workloads with an increasing number of environments. Within this process, secrets, credentials, and keys must be centrally managed and secured while seamlessly enabling zero-trust application access. Akeyless will be integrated with cert-manager, Venafi Trust Protection Platform, and Venafi as a Service, giving Akeyless users the ability to automate public certificates via Venafi.