Akeyless cert-manager Issuer
Updated Jul. 26 2021

The Akeyless cert-manager issuer enables users of Jetstack's cert-manager to easily obtain certificates from Akeyless using either Venafi or Akeyless as the certificate issuer.
Business Outcomes
  • Eliminate difficulty and risks associated with manually requesting and installing certificates within Akeyless Vault

  • Protect machine identities with Akeyless’ FIPS Certified DFC Technology that signs certificates

  • Enable agile practices and save time handling certificate management in hybrid environments

Integration Features
  • Use a variety of plugins as well as SDKs/CLI/REST to push certificates into your CI/CD pipeline, config management, and orchestration tools

  • Seamlessly obtain, renew and manage certificates in your Kubernetes clusters using cert-manager

  • Simplify authentication for certificate issuance by utilizing external identity providers like OIDC, SAML, AWS IAM, Azure AD, GCP, and more

Solution Overview

The Akeyless Vault Platform is a unified secrets management system that stores, protects and dynamically creates just-in-time credentials, certificates and encryption keys for various use cases. These include securing workload interaction, zero-trust privileged access, and protecting workload data.

Cert-manager integrates with Akeyless to automate certificate creation, renewal, and management which are provided by the Akeyless issuer. Akeyless acts as the certificate authority.

The Akeyless cert-manager issuer seamlessly adds certificates and certificate issuers as resource types in Kubernetes clusters and simplifies the process of obtaining, renewing and using certificates, leveraging the Akeyless platform.