Acme Adaptable CA Driver
Updated Oct. 1 2021

The ACME CA driver enables the Venafi Trust Protection Platform to request, renew and revoke certificates from CAs such as Let's Encrypt.
Business Outcomes
  • Make it easier for all organization certificates to be visible and managed from a single interface - namely the Venafi Platform

  • Reduce risk by centralizing CA policy in the Venafi Platform instead of delegating to application owners

Integration Features
  • ACMEv2 client for requesting, renewing and revoking certificates

  • Supports many different DNS providers for automating ACME domain validation

  • Enables existing applications already being managed by the Venafi Platform to benefit from ACME CAs

  • Fully supported integration - ask your Venafi Account Executive about official support

Solution Overview

CAs such as Let's Encrypt have made it much easier for application owners to request publicly-trusted certificates. Easier in terms of not having complex verification procedures before certificates can be issued, and also easier in terms of application software being able to request certificates without human involvement.

The ACME Adaptable CA enables the Venafi Trust Protection Platform to communicate with ACME CAs on the application's behalf, combining ACME's ease of obtaining certificates with Venafi's visibility, control, and powerful automation engine.