A10 Thunder SSLi
Updated Nov. 24 2021

Attackers are already using encrypted traffic to launch, expand and execute successful attacks. With Venafi, it's fast and easy using A10 to unlock incoming encrypted traffic. Venafi makes sure inspection stays at 100% and eliminates gaps in visibility.
Business Outcomes
  • Reduce risk of security incidents from improperly handled keys 

  • Scale use of HTTPS without difficult setup or maintenance 

  • Eliminate outages with continuous key and certificate updates 

  • Gain the full benefits of application delivery with complete automation  

Integration Features
  • Onboard-discovery provides a complete machine identity inventory from the start

  • Automated provisioning of renewed certificates eliminates gaps in SSL visibility

Solution Overview

Industry experts believe over 70% of web malware will be carried by encrypted traffic in 2020. That’s a huge blind spot for enterprise security systems, which may not have threat detection or protection against these attacks. With the widespread adoption of SSL/TLS encryption, the ability to ensure every key and certificate is available for decryption and then decrypt and inspect SSL/TLS traffic in real time, is more important than ever.

The most comprehensive decryption solution, A10 Thunder SSLi (SSL Insight) decrypts traffic, enabling security devices to analyze all enterprise traffic without compromising performance. With Venafi the joint solution helps to improve speed and accuracy as well as ensure strong security policy adherence. By speeding the decryption and inspection of encrypted traffic, the solution helps organizations to strengthen layered defenses and dramatically reduce the risk of new threats that misuse encryption.